Full Detail

Full Interior Detail
-Blowing interior of vehicle with compressed air to remove dust from all cracks and crevices
-Cleaning of all interior plastics and leather
-reconditioning of all Interior surfaces
-vacuum of whole car, windows cleaned
-door and door jambs cleaned
-shampoo of carpet and seats
*includes Gold Wash
Two step swirl removal
- Removal of all swirls and minor scratches in the clear coat using a high grade correction compound
- Polymer Wax to seal the paint and protect for relatively 4-5 months, weather depending.
Clay Bar and Wax
- Application of real clay with lubricant to remove any imperfections that lay on top of the clear coat i.e. tree droppings, paint overspray, etc.
- Application of high grade finishing wax to give the car a long lasting shine and protection for 4-5 months
High Speed Buff/Paint Restoration
- High Speed Buff with compound to remove scratches, oxidation, and swirls.
- Correction compound to remove any holograms that the high speed may have left, while also polishing the car
- High grade sealant wax is applied to give the car a long lasting shine and provide protection lasting 5-6 months.
Full Interior plus High Speed Buff
- Gold wash package
- Full interior shampooing of carpets, mats and upholstery
- Super interior cleaning and conditioning
- High speed three step process to remove scratches, oxidation and swirls
- Trim dye applied to bring exterior trim back to original color
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